At its inception, The College Initiative focused on individual student development and students’ pathways to college. The impact of our program is far greater today. We’re not only initiating change in the lives of individual students, but also catalyzing a much broader transformation, shattering the notion that underrepresented students are stuck in a cycle of poverty and missed opportunities. Our mission has prompted a conversation that has people reimagining what is possible for students. We have learned that our students are taking ownership in their schools and communities to initiate conversations about what is possible for students with backgrounds similar to their own.

And while we are extremely proud of our work and subsequent success – we know students deserve even more. There is more work to be done, more conversations to be initiated, more partners to bring on board, more minds to change about what is possible in the lives of our students. And we invite you to join us as one of the partners to reimagine what is possible for all students and help others do the same.