Wayne Culbreth

Wayne Culbreth has enjoyed a career covering a broad spectrum of entrepreneurial activities in technology and healthcare related companies.  He is the co-founder and CEO of OPS-FUEL, Inc., a nutrition technology company developing science based performance nutrition supplements for military and professional athletes.  In addition to OPS-FUEL, he founded Advon Healthcare, LLC, a company he built from an idea on the back of a napkin to current operations in multiple countries around the world, with a depth of experience at the intersection of healthcare delivery and international security in both developing countries and long-industrialized nations.


Wayne was a founding partner of the Marshall Fund, a post conflict private equity fund, where he led the first US post-conflict, private equity investment in Iraq as highlighted by both CNBC and The Economist magazine. He has served in a range of executive and entrepreneurial leadership positions including Executive Director of the Technology Resources Foundation, Associate Director of the Tennessee Technology Development Corporation, and as Entrepreneur in Residence at the FedEx Institute of Technology.


Throughout his career, Wayne has served in a number of life sciences roles, ranging from healthcare services as Manager, Consulting & Audit Services for HCA Healthcare to medical devices as part of the executive team of iScreen Vision. Inclusive of his 25 years in uniformed service with the US military, he served a year tour with the US Army in Iraq initially as a Cavalry Troop commander with the 278th ACR, Tennessee Army National Guard, and ultimately as Economic Development Officer for eastern Diyala Province. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point with a BS in Electrical Engineering and is currently completing an Executive MBA with TRIUM, a joint degree program with London School of Economics, NYU Stern and HEC Paris with expected graduation in 2016.