College Tips with Tommy #1

By August 17, 2016Blog

Timmy Top 3

Hi! Hola! How Are you? My name is Tommy Ivan, and I am a third year junior in college. Being a third year Junior, I have seen a lot and done a lot since I’ve been in college. So I feel that it is my duty to use my knowledge and experience to help you as you navigate the landscape that is college. So without further ado allow me to give you Tommy’s Top Three Tips for starting College:

1. When your parents ask you if you need anything for your dorm, say yes……. Snacks. Seriously!!! Your mom or dad can’t cook your meals anymore so the least they can do is load you up with plenty of snacks. I mean studying is hard work and  sometimes we need a snack to get through it. Make sure they don’t cheat you on the beverages.

2. Don’t wear your best outfit on the first day. I don’t know if you know this but everybody will be wearing their best outfit on the first day so why not stand out. Then when everybody is running low on swag, bust out your best outfit. Trust me your crush will notice.

3. Get your books during the first week of class. They’re expensive trust me I know. But the funny thing is not every                    teacher uses a book and you could be out of hundreds of dollars before you know it. Get amazon student once you figure          out what books you need and get them by the second day of class. Then use that money to buy more snacks and outfits.

Well I hope my tips help. Look out for more tips on Instagram and if you run into any issues just ask me and I’ll personally answer your question. I’ll even tag you sooooo more followerssss!!!!! Tommy out!

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