Freshman 15

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Freshman 15There is a lot to look forward to during your freshman year. Many of your fondest memories will be made in the next two semesters and you’re overly excited. And why shouldn’t you be. You’re about to start the first chapter of the most interesting book you’ve not yet written. Nothing can ever be too perfect though. If you haven’t guessed by now, this article is about the dreaded freshman 15.

Relax. You’re not likely to put on fifteen pounds your freshman year – unless you’re me – but statistically speaking, you will probably put on a few pounds over the course of your first two years in college. On average most students put on between four and ten pounds over there first three semesters.

Why It Happens

There is a plethora of reasons that could explain your increase in weight. So let’s start with the most obvious:

  1. Mom isn’t preparing your meals any more so you are free to eat all the junk food and pizza you want – hotwings were my downfall.
  2. You have unlimited freedom and options. All the unhealthy food you could imagine is at your fingertips, and let’s be honest, healthy food just isn’t as appealing or tasty a that slice of pizza.
  3. With so much going on there isn’t time to go to the gym and work out. Trust me I understand, but for a good majority of the day I am willing to bet you are sitting around bored in the company of other bored peers. So may as well work out and stay fit.


There is hope. Eating unhealthy foods in moderation and finding a way to enjoy healthy foods will take you a long way. Exercising helps a lot too. If none of the aforementioned works for you, just put a scale in your bathroom and look at it a few times a week. When you see that number start to creep up, you’ll definitely make that change. We wish you the absolute best and just remember not to be like me. Don’t eat hotwings every day for two weeks (4 days) straight and you should be fine.

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