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By August 23, 2016Blog
Tommy Tips

Hey it’s Tommy again ,and this week I have a story for you all. I arrived on campus just like every other freshmen and I unpacked my luggage like every other freshman. But what I had that other freshmen didn’t was a bank account full of cheddar!!! My gran-gran gave me five hundred bucks to start college, and it was burning a hole in my pocket. I could not wait to spend it; I sat in my room and I listed off things to my roommate that I planned on buying. I wanted food, video games, new clothes, and plenty of knick-knacks for my room.

So, I went to the mall and I got it all. Four hours after unpacking my suitcase I was unpacking shopping bags. I had food, I had clothes, I had new games, I was ready! I could not have been more excited. Then it happened. My roommate burst into the room and went to his closet frantically looking for something to wear. I asked what the deal was and he stopped to ask me was I going to the party? Party!? I was like yes, of course, I just went shopping. Then he told me to make sure I had ten bucks to get in. I looked down and checked my wallet, surely I had ten bucks in my wallet. Gran-gran just gave me five hundred dollars. I looked down and my wallet had dust in it. Where had all of my money gone? I looked at my roommate, picked up my phone like I got a text message and said aw man, my mom needs me to come home. Can’t go tonight. Moral of this story is, if your gran-gran gives you money, save enough for the back to school party. Tommy Out!

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