Hey it’s Tommy. So I just wrapped up with finals, and I have a wonderfully exciting tip for you. But first, as you all know, it’s story time – let’s jump right into it. This week was finals week at my school so everybody, and I mean everybody, was walking around looking like a zombie. The campus had basically no excitement whatsoever, and why should it? We’re all trying to pass our finals.

Anyways, it was a cold Monday and I had a molecular biology exam coming up in three days. So what did I do? I decided, “hey I’ve been in class, I know this stuff. I’ll give it a quick glance the night before and I should be fine.”

If you’re thinking that was a huge mistake, you’re right. Probably not for the reason you’re thinking though.

So, I went ahead living life as if I didn’t have one of the biggest tests of the semester coming up. Then the night before the test came I sat at my desk, popped open my book and started to look over the material. Just as I was digging in, I get a text from my good friend who had already taken the test. She informed me that it was probably the hardest test she’s ever taken in her life. She’s definitely smarter than I am, so I begin to freak out. I read page after page trying to regurgitate what I just learned. I spin around in my rolling chair and start filling up the white board in my room as I frantically take notes. The next thing I know my wake up alarm is going off and I haven’t slept.

I drive to school, get to the classroom and begin taking the test. Half way through, I get a little sleepy and decide to take a nap. About thirty minutes pass and my teacher walks over to me and wakes me up. She tells me that I have 10 minutes left to finish. I hastily finish my test and walk into the hallway where I see a bench. I sit down for a minute, and bam. I’m sleep again. When I awake, there is a paper on my chest. It’s my test paper. I passed! But there’s a note on it. It says,

“Get some sleep next time”.

So moral of this story is: don’t pull an all-nighter the night before a test. Study early.

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